Premier Stephen Panga of Guadalcanal Province. Photo: SIBC.

Former Premier Stephen Panga Photo credit: SIBC.

Former Guadalcanal Premier Stephen Panga has called on the National Government to establish a separate Act of Parliament for the proposed Tina Hydro Project.

SIBC stringer for North Guadalcanal Dudley Gani reports, Panga said a separate Act is important because benefit sharing from the project will be stated properly under the proposed act.

Gani also reports, Mr Panga made the call due to the project’s magnitude and the unreliability of the National Government to meet the social obligations of stakeholders from other National Projects.

“Mr Panga said he raised this because of the project’s magnitude will be huge, its longevity which is 100 years and which will involve a lot of stakeholders and because of the government’s unreliability in past projects such as the Gold Ridge Mining, to meet its social obligations to its stakeholders”.

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