Premier Stephen Panga of Guadalcanal Province. Photo: SIBC.

Premier Stephen Panga of Guadalcanal Province. Photo: SIBC.

Former Premier for Guadalcanal Province Stephen Panga has acknowledged the Member of Parliament for East Choiseul Manasseh Sogavare for highlighting ongoing land problems in Guadalcanal Province in Parliament.

Mr Sogavare had told Parliament about the demands of Guadalcanal people on land issues when he was contributing to parliamentary debate on a report on RAMSI this week.

Mr Panga says he acknowledges Mr Sogavare for reminding parliament about the long standing land issues and the demands of people of Guadalcanal province.

He said the issues raised by the Member of Parliament Sogavare are the real demands of Guadalcanal people and they need to be addressed by any future Government.

“But when I heard Honourable Sogavare reiterating the land issues of the Guadalcanal people in Parliament. I am happy to hear that those issues and demands, they are our people’s demands where any successive government should think seriously to address them.”

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