A bad stretch of road in Northwest Guadalcanal. Photo credit: SIBC.

A bad stretch of road in Northwest Guadalcanal. Photo credit: SIBC.

People of Sahalu Ward on North West Guadalcanal, have questioned the integrity of the tender awarded to ‘Traders Transformation Construction Company for the reconstruction of the stretch of road from Bonege to Lambi.

Disappointed would be bidders from the area say, they have little knowledge about the bid notice.

Spokes persons Jeffrey Rapasia, Visale Catholic Church Chairman and North West Guadalcanal Peace Committee member, Ben Misu say North West Guadalcanal people have been deprived yet again.

Both leaders say, there are local construction companies in the area who are equipped and capable to do reconstruction of roads and Bridges in the area.

They say, residents are not happy with the award and fear ‘Traders Transformation’ might not be welcomed in the area.

The leaders add, their people have been sacrificing in the name of national interest from time immemorial and are longing for the day when this will be appreciated.

Although giving and expect nothing in return is the traditional practice, awarding such small projects to their unemployed youths means so much to them.

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