The Mataniko river. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Mataniko river. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Ministry of Environment and Conservation have recorded plastics are the highest marine debris found along the Mataniko river.

The finding was revealed after a 60 meters litter boom to trap marine debris and wastes were installed across the Mataniko river.

Coordinator of the Mataniko River Clean-up Rehabilitation Program Debra Potakana said plastic bags are excessively high along the Mataniko river.

“From the data we have the most rubbish collected at the boom are plastics. What we did was that we get the quantity of all the plastics trapped inside the boom.”

The Program Coordinator adds the program will work towards improving rubbish collection for communities living along the river.

“Under the national project we are working on improving waste collection around the Mataniko area and I think one reason people threw rubbish into the river is because of irregular collection services in the area.”

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