Overlooking Tulagi in the Central Province. Photo credit: SIBC.

Overlooking Tulagi in the Central Province. Photo credit: SIBC.

Returning Officer for the Provincial Elections in Central Islands Province Gabriel Agutuzepo says preparation for the province’s elections next month is progressing well.

Mr. Agutuzepo told SIBC News this afternoon that the only preparations remaining are the approval of Ballot Boxes and election kits.

He says his office expects to hear about the matter from the Electoral Commission and the Ministry of Provincial Government this week.

“At this point in time I am yet to receive any feedback from the Ministry responsible and the Electoral Commission. How I see it is that if the Ministry can consult with the Electoral Commission for the use of existing election kits and materials that are available.”

Meanwhile, the Director of Provincial Governance at the Ministry of Provincial Government, Robert Kaua told SIBC News this afternoon, his team is meeting the Electoral Commission today and the ballot boxes issue is the main agenda.

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