Police officer during the training. Photo credit: RSIPF.

Police officer during the training. Photo credit: RSIPF.

Over 100 police officers are currently undergoing a week long joint Public Order Management capability training in preparation for the National General Election next month.

A statement from the Police Media Unit said the exercise is a major training program and involves police and correctional officers from the provinces teaming up with Honiara based public order management units.

The statement adds, the objective of the joint training exercise is to prepare the RSIPF to be able respond and deal effectively and efficiently with public order management situations on small scale incidents, as well as to an extent of a nationwide incident response.

The training includes three levels of public order management responses.

The training also features the use of force multipliers to any given situation where the PRU will be opted to use extensive force as opposed to the use of less lethal munitions.

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