Flag of Rennell and Bellona Province. Photo credit:

Flag of Rennell and Bellona Province. Photo credit:

Rennell and Bellona Province celebrates its Second Appointed Day today.

Renbel Provincial Premier, Hon Collin Singamona says events today are staged at Hutuna Village, east Rennell.

“The program should start at 10am and all the invited guests will convene at the event, which will be hosted at Hutuna village, east of Rennell.”

Meanwhile, Premier Singamona reaffirms, the second appointed day celebrations were deferred from the actual second appointed day which falls on the 20th July annually.

“In fact all the people on both islands are well aware of this Second Appointed Day celebrations.”

SIBC News understands, the Acting Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Maelanga has been invited as guest speaker.

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