RSIPF constable suspended, charged with reckless and dangerous driving

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley

A police constable, who is the son of a senior official in the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, has been suspended from duty after internal investigations into cases of his alleged misconduct concluded.

Police Constable Moffat Manelusi, son of Deputy Commissioner Operations, Gabriel Manelusi, was served with the suspension order on Wednesday based on his alleged traffic offence last month and alleged misuse of a police vehicle in September.

The Professional Standards and Internal Investigations unit of the police force conducted investigations into the two incidents.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley, who ordered the suspension after the investigations concluded, said Mr Manelusi was charged with reckless and dangerous driving under Section 39 of the Traffic Act and will appear in court on December 27.

Earlier this month, Mr Varley addressed allegations of favouritism in the handling of the case.

Mr Varley said all cases of “unruly behaviour” in the police force would be handled fairly and would not be influenced by speculation, rumour or external pressure.

“Any decisions that I make on disciplinary cases involving any officer is based on the facts,” Mr Varley said.

Legal processes in the Police Act outline how disciplinary cases against officers should be handled.

“The RSIPF has a very rigorous disciplinary process that is governed by legislation and governed by commissioner’s orders, and we follow that process very closely,” he said.

By Lowen Sei

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