The Nila Habour in Shortland Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Nila Habour in Shortland Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Shortlands Catholic Women’s Council appeals on the National Government to post professionally trained police officers along the Solomon Islands – Papua New Guinea common border to ensure maximum security for women and girls on Solomon Islands side of the border.

The council’s president, Goretti Kotaru reveals, the feminine gender remains insecure because there is no proper security at the common border.

She says females became more vulnerable during and after the Bougainville crisis.

Mrs. Kotaru adds the crisis has long gone but Shortland women still fear for their safety as the common border is still manned by unarmed police officers.

“Since the Bougainville crisis, we felt unsafe because we do not have proper security and especially for us women we want proper security in our communities. We know that we have the police, but they are not trained for that purpose, so what we want is to have highly trained people to monitor our border.”

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