SIDT Staff. Photo credit: SIDT.

SIDT Staff. Photo credit: SIDT.

Founder of the Solomon Islands Development Trust, Abraham Baeanisia has passed away peacefully.

Mr Baeanisia 75 who founded the SIDT in the early 80’s died in Honiara last Saturday evening.

He had been ill and bed-ridden since October last year.

The organisation’s other co-founder Dr. John Roughan also died October last year.

Both leaders have been instrumental in forcing the governments of the last nearly 20 years to advocate policies that target village development where more than 80 percent of our population live.

Flagship policies like bottoms-up approach, village-led growth, rural advancement and growth centres are the brainchild of these two leaders.

Mr Baeanisia will be buried at his home village of Abalolo in the Langalanga lagoon, Malaita Province tomorrow.

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