The SINU official logo. Photo credit: SINU.

The SINU official logo. Photo credit: SINU.

Solomon Islands Government scholarships at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) have decreased over the last three years, says Pro Vice-Chancellor, Professor Basil Marasinghe.

Professor Marasinghe told SIBC’s “Distaem Nao” program, there used to be around 900 government scholarships for the university, but that has been reduced drastically to less than a hundred.

“In fact, Government scholarships have been sort of decreasing over the last three years, like three years ago we got like 800 or 900 scholarships. Now it has gone down to about no more than 100, so that is really of concern to us. I wish the Members of Parliament will take this on seriously and try to make, you know, some payments for their own students.”

SIBC News understands, SINU classes have started last week.

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