The Tina River Hydro Project at it's feasibility stage. Photo credit: Business Advantage PNG.

The Tina River Hydro Project at its feasibility stage. Photo credit: Business Advantage PNG.

One of the signatory tribes to the Tina Hydro project is threatening to pull out of the project.

Chair of Kochiabolo tribe George Vari told SIBC News his tribe will pull out of the project because the Government has delayed its valuation report and payment for the access road to the hydro project.

Mr Vari says there were three valuers including the Government.

The other two valuers have completed and submitted their reports, but they are still waiting for the Government’s report.

He says the valuation reports determine how much money the Government will pay for the land.

“The two of them had the report, they gave it to us it’s the same on the value of land. But we didn’t see the Government’s (report) until now. Because he should be the one to sign it, to sign the agreement. So that is why I say, we just cannot continue to hang on. People are expecting what is due to them, the landowners.”

Mr Vari claims the Tina Hydro project was not included in the National budget.

SIBC News hopes to run the government’s response separately.

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