Communities in Sikaiana, Malaita Outer Islands are concerned of the risk of food shortages and rising sea levels, as heavy rains hit the country this week.

A tropical disturbance alert issued by the MET Service remains in place with gale force winds of thirty-four to forty-seven knots over Rennell and Bellona, Makira and Southern Guadalcanal within the next 12 to 24 hours.

Chairman of the Sikaiana Disaster Committee, Rex Kafo told SIBC News, Sikaiana is vulnerable to this type of bad weather but because of its isolated location, they cannot access relief supplies.

Mr Kafo says this scenario, and the current weather is causing worry for people in Sikaiana.

“If the current weather pattern continues to persist and still not friendly with us, then I know the island will face a tough situation because our friends on the island will be most affected. Often when there’s wet weather like this, it will create water logged taro gardens, which eventually will affect them when the wet weather clears. With this current weather, I think it will be a major problem for us on the island as no more space will be available for gardening, as the island is too small” said Mr. Kafo.

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