Registrations has been slow and low  for North Malaita. Photo: SIBC.

Registrations has been slow and low for North Malaita. Photo: SIBC.

Voter registration turn out at two Registration Centers in the North Malaita Constituency started low and slow on Monday, as discovered by registration officers at the sites.

SIBC’s North Malaita stringer John Andrew Kiri says registration officers told him they hope people will come out in numbers as the week progresses.

“When I asked the two officers, Mr Willie Ausuta for Sidu VRC and Mr Jothan Basui for Fo’ondo VRC, they told me that the turn out is still low and slow at the moment, but hopefully this will improve towards the end of the week.”

On the number of people who came out to register during the week, Kiri reports only 60 people registered at the Voters Registration Centre at Sidu, and one-hundred and sixty seven people registered at the Centre in Fo’ondo, as registrations reached its second day on Tuesday this week.

“But despite that people’s turn out on both the first and second day of registrations, as I’ve witnessed and have gathered from both registration centres, Sidu has registered thirty on both days while Fo’ondo a hundred and 67 people,” reported Mr Kiri.

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