Solomon Islands respects Indonesia’s sovereignty : PM Houenipwela

PM Hou speaking at the UNGA in New York. Photo: PM Secretariat.

Solomon Islands respects Indonesia’s sovereignty over its territorial boundaries including West Papua and Papua.

Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela had told the 73rd United Nations General Assembly in New York over the weekend, his Government was committed to work with the Government of Indonesia on areas of mutual interest including human rights concerns in Papua and West Papua.

” Solomon Islands recognizes and respects Indonesia’s sovereignty over it’s territorial boundaries,” he said.

“My government commits to work with the government of Indonesia on areas of mutual interests including human rights concerns in Papua and West Papua.”

Meanwhile, many Solomon Islanders believe, this is a deviation from the strong support for West Papua and Papua Provinces Solomon Islands is known for under the Manasseh Sogavare regime.

Critics question why the Government plays double standard when Indonesia does not respect human lives and especially those of our Melanesian brothers and sisters in West Papua and Papua Provinces.

Associate Professor Tarcisius Kabutaulaka told SIBC news today, the Government should note that Indonesia’s sovereignty is not absolute.

He urged the international community including Solomon Islands to hold the Indonesian state accountable for more than fifty years of human rights abuses and the murder of about 500-thousand West Papuans.

Mr Kabutaulaka penned, “Intervention” does not have to be by military force. Indonesia can be held accountable for its atrocities through “diplomatic intervention”, reminding Jakarta that its sovereignty is not absolute.



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