Special Secretary to Prime Minister Rence Sore. Photo credit:

Special Secretary to Prime Minister Rence Sore. Photo credit:

The Special Secretary to Prime Minister (SSPM), Rence Sore has been granted directorship of the Solomon Islands Development Corporation Limited (SIDCL).

Mr. Sore earlier last week wrote to the Commission, seeking approval as a Directorship to SIDCL.

In a meeting today, the Commission considered Mr. Sore’s application, including his explanation as to why such undertakings with the company will not place him in a conflict of interest.

In an email to SIBC News today, LCC Chair Francis Luza confirmed Mr. Sore’s application has been approved.

Mr. Luza says in doing so, the Commission notes that the Investment Corporation of Solomon Islands had appointed Mr. Sore to be its director on the SIDCL board of directors and has a legal right to do so.

He says, as a Director, Mr. Sore has a duty to make decisions that are in the best interest of SIDCL.

Mr. Luza said the Commission is satisfied that there is no issue of conflict of interest with Mr. Sore’s directorship of SIDCL.

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