Court mallet. Photo credit: SIBC.

Court mallet. Photo credit: SIBC.

South New Georgia, Rendova and Tetepari constituents are seeking a High Court ruling on an un-retired $13.4 million Constituency Development Fund.

In a statement delivered to SIBC News yesterday Campaign Manager for Francis Zama, Jack Daniel said a four paged acquittals report obtained from the Ministry of Rural Development has revealed that $13.4 million of the constituency had been un-retired.

He said this was for the period from 2010-2014, where the actual amount is $13, 489, 148.95.

He added a lot of ghost projects were reported or sighted in the report and it is time the constituents uncover the reality behind them.

Mr Daniel said those responsible must be brought to justice and be held accountable.

He said despite receiving threats from people, his team will not back down from pursuing the legal course of action further in the High Court.

SIBC News understands the last government has passed a Constituency Development Funds Act last year to regulate the use of the funds accordingly by each member of parliament.

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