TSI logo. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

TSI logo. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) described the cabinet decision of $3.7 million payment to MV Sun Express for reimbursement of damages incurred before the election of the Prime Minister as outrageous and unjustifiably immoral.

The corruption watch dog says, the sudden outlandish news to pay this huge unbudgeted amount does not demonstrate a government that preach so much about caring for its people.

It says, the Mbike trip was not a government trip but rather a political outing on the eve of the Prime Minister’s election in December last year.

It adds, the government cannot be held responsible for the damage caused as this would fall outside the sound practice and regulations to develop well planned business cases projects expenditures for prior approval before they are carried out.

In a statement,an engineer expert says the $3.7 million is too much and does not match the total cost to the damage incurred.

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