The RSIPF Headquarters in Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

The RSIPF Headquarters in Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Provincial Police Commander for Temotu Province is embarking on a pro-active crime prevention strategy for 2016.

Frank Menesa took over the new Police Provincial Commander three weeks ago and has began implementing the strategy

He says the strategy is basically to instill confidence in the Temotu Province Police force.

Mr Menesa explains the four facet strategy.

“My first phase really focuses on building, empowering and improving the work performance of my officers who are posted here in Temotu province. Phase to will be a high visibility of police officers on the streets of Lata and currently you’ll see them patrolling the streets and currently we are starting to deploy patrols to communities, begining in Temotu Nende.”

The final phase of the strategy will be a consultation with stakeholders and youths.

PPC Menesa says he will officially launch the strategy next year.

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