Clouds over Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

Clouds over Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Solomon Islands Meteorological Services is expecting a tropical depression that will affect the country later during the week.

This is due to an active trough which lies over the country.

Director of Met services David Hiriasia told SIBC news, the country expects the formation of a low-pressure system in the coral seas later in the week.

He said it is expected to form between South of Rennell Bellona Province and Vanuatu.

“Currently it is still a trough but later this week, as I’ve said, we expect a depression to form from the trough, probably South of Rennell and between Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.”

Mr Hiriasia urges the country to take precautionary measures during the current weather.

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