Director of Governance at the Prime Minister's office, Calvin Ziru. Photo credit: GCU.

Director of Governance at the Prime Minister’s office, Calvin Ziru. Photo credit: GCU.

Twelve political parties are set to contest the Solomon Islands national election on 19 November.

Radio New Zealand International online reports the Registrar of the Political Parties Commission, Calvin Ziru, says 10 political parties have been registered and two more applications for registration are being dealt with this week.

The registered parties are The People’s Alliance Party, Democratic Alliance Party, People’s Progressive Party, National Transformation Party, Kadere Pati, Pan Melanesian Party, People First Party, Solomon Islands’ Party for Rural Advancement, the Direct Development Party and the United Democratic Party.

Mr Ziru says candidates that are from non-registered parties will have to contest the election as independents.

The non-registered political parties are the Solomon Islands Democratic Party, Our Party, Liberal Party, Labor Party, Rural Urban Party, United Party, and National Party.

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