The USP logo. Photo credit:  USP.

The USP logo. Photo credit: USP.

An Education lecturer at the USP Solomon Islands campus says polling during this year’s National General Elections was conducted in a truly free environment.

Dr Jack Maebuta made the statement in Honiara yesterday during a live interview on SIBC’s Unified Voice, after casting his ballot paper.

He said polling this year was unlike previous National General Elections in that it was conducted in a truly free manner.

“Unlike other previous elections that you know as you go around the polling booths you would be able to feel a bit of tension between supporters. But I think due to the fact that a good number of police officers are on the ground, these polling booths, it really cemented in the hearts of people that, you know, we cannot do anything, just need to cast our ballots and let the process take itself, you know, peacefully.”

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