A soccer ball. Photo credit: Team USA Soccer Jersey.

A soccer ball. Photo credit: Team USA Soccer Jersey.

In Sports, the South East  Vella La Vella 2015, Constituency Soccer tournament has reached its finals today.

The tournament held at Maravari in South Vella has attracted 15 soccer teams within the constituency.

Speaking to SIBC sports, freelancer Alfred Pagepitu reports.

“The final results for this 2015 Vella la Vella Constituency Cup has ended successfully and the cup winner is Samuraska, beating Varisi by 2 goals to nil.”

He adds the tournament is to encourage young people to improve their soccer skills.

“The Constituency Cup tournament was mainly to develop young talented players as well as to improve soccer standards in the rural area.”

The tournament was sponsored by South Vella la Vella’s MP Mr Alex Lionel.

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