SIEC logo. Photo credit: Youtube.

SIEC logo. Photo credit: Youtube.

All votes cast in the 2014 National General Election are being kept under tight security to ensure the secrecy of the vote.

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission explains after counting was completed in each constituency, ballot boxes were packaged and sent back to Honiara where they will be kept at a secure location for one month.

The National Parliament Electoral Provisions Act requires all ballot papers to be kept for one month, in case they are needed by the High Court to determine an election petition case.

Chief Electoral Officer, Mr Polycarp Haununu says, his office has already received the ballot boxes from most constituencies and expect to have retrieved ballot boxes from each of the 867 Polling Stations over the next few days.

He says, it is a legal requirement that the ballot papers are kept until all election petition cases are decided.

The SIEC made this statement in response to concerns raised by voters in many parts of the country.

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