The Western Provincial flag. Photo: SIBC.

The Western Provincial flag. Photo: SIBC.

The Western Provincial Government says it now is rock solid after resolving some misunderstandings between Assembly members which had caused weeks of political instability.

Minster for Agriculture and Fisheries, also responsible for Government Strategic Planning, Wayne Maepio says the political atmosphere is now calm and ready to implement its development policies.

Mr Maepio adds as the political stability is now over, the Western Provincial Government will be putting more emphasis on ensuring a government of provincial unity.

He also said five provincial members – Michael Aquilla, Atkin Kamaka, Kenneth George, Rollie Panda and Richard Beck – have now joined the Provincial Government side.

He says all the Provincial Assembly Members have now agreed to work together and to forget their differences.

SIBC News understands the Robert Pye Government now has 21 members out of the 26-Member Assembly.

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