Family Planning saves lives. Photo credit: www.mariestopes.org.au

Family Planning saves lives. Photo credit: www.mariestopes.org.au

Families in North Malaita have been encouraged to practice family planning.

Community Health Nursing Consultant Malu’u Lawrence Irobaea made the call during the Malaita Day celebrations in North Malaita yesterday.

Malu’u Stringer Lensley Kwaimani reports, the consultant says an above average of 1,089 new-born babies is delivered in the region from the communities of Arawa to Ata’a this year.

The nursing consultant warns, the absence of family planning tantamount to risking family health.

“If families are reluctant to plan their families they will fall into problems that can be avoided once we seek assistance from health authorities to help us with plans. Consultant Irobaea said they are ready and available to provide health advice to families who may seek support and help from them.”

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