A Ukulele. Photo credit:

A Ukulele. Photo credit:

Young boys from communities surrounding Avu’avu Provincial Secondary School have over the past weeks been following very closely their elders footsteps – practicing string bands music along river banks and beaches in preparation for tomorrow’s string band recordings by the Solomon Islands broadcasting Corporation (SIBC).

A visiting SIBC team to the Weather Coast, South Guadalcanal has witnessed the Haimarao string bands busy revising their tunes ahead of Friday’s recordings along the river bank.

Ukulele trees have been chopped down and ukuleles of various sizes and shapes were made to provide harmony alongside the voices.

Meanwhile, the actual number of bands performing tomorrow is yet to be determined, a female dominated string band has already registered.

The unplugged string bands recording begins 11 am tomorrow at the Avu’avu Secondary School hall.

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