The YWCA logo. Photo credit: Give a Little.

The YWCA logo. Photo credit: Give a Little.

The Young Women’s Christian Association-YWCA in Solomon Islands vows to continue to invest on her journey and mission to see young women being empowered.

In its latest Newsletter this week, the organisation says they will continue to work in collaboration with their existing partners, stakeholders and networks through their advocacy work and programs in the area of peace, justice, health, human dignity and sustainable environment for all.

YWCA has successfully conducted a number of leadership trainings for young women this year.

A participant in one of the trainings Susan Mae says the leadership training she attended was interesting and it helped her understand more about being a leader.

As a result of these trainings, several participants became financial members of YWCA.

The YWCA is an organisation which aims to empower and influence social change and become change agents in societies.

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