Public urged to be more wary on beetles

Admin- September 25, 2017

Beetle varieties in the Solomons. A biosecurity officer has urged the public to be careful when transporting goods and materials to the provinces to prevent ... Read More

SIBC’s Artist profile: meet reggae producer Sleezy Peel

Admin- September 25, 2017

Sleezy Peel He is well-known around the Honiara music scene - and if you don't know Sleezy Peel, get to know him through SIBC's Artist ... Read More

Police and Fisheries to crackdown on illegal beche-de-mer harvesters

Admin- September 25, 2017

A sea cucumber. The fishing period is from September 1 until November 30. Police will continue to work with the Ministry of Fisheries in tackling ... Read More

US must reconsider Paris agreement: Sogavare

Admin- September 24, 2017

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare addressing the UN general assembly. Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has made a call to the United states to reconsider its position on ... Read More

‘Too many are dying on our roads’: Solomons Police

Admin- September 22, 2017

Traffic on Mendana Avenue Road traffic is a leading cause of death and disability in the country, according to Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Deputy ... Read More

Walkabout Raonim Toan: “How do you keep in touch with your wantok?”

Admin- September 22, 2017

SIBC on walkabout raonim toan Things change. That is inevitable. And a lot has changed in the Solomon Islands over the past decade or so. ... Read More

Listen to Prime Minister Sogavare’s speech at last year’s UN General Assembly

Admin- September 21, 2017

The Solomon Islands PM at last year's UN General Assembly Click the below link to listen Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare's speech at last year's UN General ... Read More