Longest-serving premier Kiloe announces retirement

Admin- November 30, 2017

Choiseul Provincial Premier Jackson Kiloe. Photo: SPREP Jackson Kiloe, who has been the premier of Choiseul Province for the past 18 years, is the longest-serving ... Read More

Police seek community support to locate murder suspects

Admin- November 30, 2017

Police Commisioner Matthew Varley Officers are continuing their investigation into the case of a girl who was murdered last week on her way back from school at ... Read More

Simbo, the Solomons’ first organic island – and it is all because of this woman

Admin- November 30, 2017

Esther Talisuti with the certificate in her hand It is a journey she couldn’t have made without the support of her husband and a lot ... Read More

SIBC Podcast: Artist profile talks to Mauri Sounds Studio

Admin- November 30, 2017

Peter Waga and Joseph Koata from Mauri Sounds Studio The duo behind the hit song  'Half Machu' swung by SIBC's studios to talk to Joseph ... Read More

Choiseul premier says Premiers’ Conference ‘not very effective’

Admin- November 29, 2017

Delegates at the 9th Premiers' Conference in Auki, Malaita Province The longest-serving premier of Choiseul Province, Jackson Kiloe, wants resolutions made during Premiers' Conferences to ... Read More

Parliament passes two bills in 6th meeting

Admin- November 28, 2017

Inside the Parliament Chamber of Solomon Islands. Photo: Courtesy of Radio Australia During the 6th meeting of the 10th Parliament that commenced on June 26 ... Read More

Logging hits Kakabona beach, but landowners say it is ‘for our future’

Admin- November 28, 2017

The logging operation in full swing Landowners of the popular Kakabona beach say logging at the waterfront has been introduced to help pay for future ... Read More