Seghe in Marovo Lagoon came alive this morning- 02nd July 2024- as people from nearby and afar villages came together to celebrate the opening of the newly upgraded Seghe all-weather air strip.

Thanks to the governments of New Zealand, Australia and Solomon Islands for the joint effort in upgrading the air strip.

Taking part in the handing over, was the Prime Minister honorable Jeremiah Manele MP, visiting Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand honorable Winston Peters and representing Australia was the Australia’s High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Rod Hilton.

In delivering his speech, the PM Manele revealed that the completion of the Seghe runway upgrade is one of the 100 days priorities of the Government for National Unity and Transformation (GNUT).

The Prime Minister said back in 2023 six airports were identified for upgrade and they are Munda, Gizo, Lata, Suavanau and Seghe.

“Today I am indeed pleased to see Munda, Gizo, Taro and now Seghe airport operational with all- weather air strip, which ensures safer and more reliable flights in the country,” PM Manele stated.

The Prime Minister reaffirmed that GNUT prioritizes aviation and infrastructure development.

Acknowledging New Zealand’s leading hand in the aviation upgrading work, PM Manele underscored that “New Zealand’s program is always about nation building, connecting our people together, instilling people centered development and presents a transformative opportunity for the country’s tourism industry”.

Newly upgraded Seghe Airfield. Photo: New Zealand High Commission Solomon Islands.

The Prime Minister further acknowledged that the completion of the upgrade of Seghe air strip has given strong meaning to the slogan “Go West, See West and Love West”.

Pointing to the special bond between Western Province and New Zealand, PM Manele paid tribute to the relationship during the missionary days to the World War II where New Zealand soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice.

“We pay tribute for their service for peace,” he stated.

In further acknowledging the Seghe upgrade infrastructure, the Prime Minister said that “such people centered development as this instills condition for economic growth, in peace, progress and prosperity in the country”.

PM Manele added that the development placed Solomon Islands in a better position as the country prepares to graduate out of the LDC status by 2027.

The Prime Minister also acknowledged New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister’s statement in speech in which honorable Winston Peters stated that Seghe upgraded air strip is a gift to the people of Solomon Islands as the country prepares to celebrate its 46th Independence anniversary on July 7th.

“Deputy Prime Minister, as my country approaches our Independence on the 7th July, this gesture to gift my government carries profound importance to my government, the Western Province and the communities in and around Seghe and the people of Solomon Islands,” PM Manele underscored.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the governments of New Zealand and Australia respectively for the unwavering support and for always standing with the people of Solomon Islands in the bid to build a better future.

PM Manele also paid tribute to the project team and the contractor for working together and successfully delivering the project amidst tight timeline.

The Prime Minister called on the people of Seghe and Solomon Islands as a whole to take pride in the achievement and continue to work together to achieve the full potential of the new facility.

“Let us continue to strive for excellence and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead,” PM Manele concluded.


– OPMC Press Secretariat 

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