CSSI Logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

CSSI Logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

Correctional Officers and inmates at the Auki Correctional Centre in Malaita Province have successfully completed an ILO training on Community Based Entrepreneurs Development.

C-BED for short, the training is an innovative tool that relies on self facilitation and integrates hands-on activity based lessons, use of diagrams and pictures, and social learning techniques to build business skills capacities of participants.

ILO, or the International Labor Organisation, piloted the training to more than ten countries since 2011, and the training has a success rate of 90 percent in impact within each country.

Solomon Islands adopted the module last year as part of ILO’s support to post conflict recovery program in Solomon Islands.

Held over four days, the training began on May 27 and ended on May 30.

Reporting for ILO in Auki, Roy Fugui said inmates were happy to gain new skills and knowledge from this training, adding the training will empower inmates in their continuous rehabilitation program.

A total of 46 participants including correctional officers, and inmates attended the training which was held inside the Auki Correctional Centre.

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