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“I will not tolerate any foreigner coming into my province to intimidate, harass, or put the lives of my people in danger,” Premier Stanley Siapu.

Admin- May 9, 2018

Makira Province Premier, Stanley Siapu. Photo: Island Sun. Premier of Makira Ulawa Province is calling on the Kirakira Acting Provincial Police Commander and Forestry Office ... Read More

Renbel premier hits back at resource owners

Admin- May 2, 2018

Renbel premier Hon. Collin Singamoana. Photo: Island Sun newspaper. Premier of Renbel Province Hon. Collin Singamoana has refuted claims his provincial executive has vested economic ... Read More

Premier says no compensation was paid to the Bouganvilleans

Admin- February 25, 2018

Police Commissioner Mathew Varley and Western Province Premier Wayne Maepio The Western Provincial Premier Wayne Maepio has denied paying any compensation to the Bouganvilleans who ... Read More

Longest-serving premier Kiloe announces retirement

Admin- November 30, 2017

Choiseul Provincial Premier Jackson Kiloe. Photo: SPREP Jackson Kiloe, who has been the premier of Choiseul Province for the past 18 years, is the longest-serving ... Read More

Choiseul premier says Premiers’ Conference ‘not very effective’

Admin- November 29, 2017

Delegates at the 9th Premiers' Conference in Auki, Malaita Province The longest-serving premier of Choiseul Province, Jackson Kiloe, wants resolutions made during Premiers' Conferences to ... Read More


Sibc News- January 22, 2017

A map of Rennell Bellona. Photo credit: SIBC. A task force representing the resource owners of West Rennell has supported calls for the Prime Minister ... Read More


Sibc News- October 26, 2016

                                          Flag of Rennell and ... Read More