CDO applicants kick-off interview process for constituency positions

CDO applicants kick-off interview process for constituency positions


The Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) this morning kicked off interviews for the constituency various positions with accepted applicants for the Constituency Development Officer (CDO) positions.

This will be followed subsequently by applicants for the Constituency Accountant Officer posts (CAOs) later this afternoon and then conclude with Constituency Project Officers candidates, tomorrow.

The interview was held at the Honiara Senior High School Hall. It was prepared and formatted in the form of a ‘written interview test’ with 3-hours allocated time.

The interview methodology was vetted and approved by the Ministry of Public Service (MPS).

Due to time constraints with the huge number of applicants, the ministry has to take the approach to ensure the process is completed to establish constituency offices and also the implementation of the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) programme for this year, so that services can be delivered to our rural people.

The ministry has been very busy over the past weeks with screening and shortlisting of candidates for this interview process, in compliance with CDF Act 2023 and the Public Service Commission (PSC) Regulation.

Director for Rural Development Division of MRD, Milfred Delemani and his colleagues from MRD provides supervisory role during the interview

On April 25, the ministry put out an advertisement in the media for submissions from interested candidates for the constituency positions.

A total of 572 applications were received by MRD after submissions closed on May 16, 2024.

Of the 572 applications, only 300 were accepted for the interview.

This was the highest figure the ministry ever noted compared to its previous normal recruitments.

The interview process and undertaking are part of the ministry’s commitment to implement the new Constituency Development Funds (CDF) Act 2023 requirements.

CDF is a program of the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) administered by MRD and is implemented through the 50 constituencies in the country purposely to improve the social and economic livelihoods of all Solomon Islanders.

MRD’s vision is to ensure all rural Solomon Islanders become meaningfully participate in development activities to improve their social and economic livelihood.

-MRD Press Release 

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