Forestry and Research Minister arrested and charged


Gao/Bugotu member of Parliament, Samuel Manetoali. Photo credit: Parliament of Solomon Islands.

Police have today arrested and charged the current Minister of Forestry and Research and the Member of Parliament for Gao/Bugotu Constituency in Isabel Province.

Minister Samuel Manetoali was arrested and charged for allegedly misappropriating government funds December 2014.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley confirmed in a media conference today, Mr Manetoali was arrested for converting Constituency Development Funds meant for his constituency.

“Police will allege that on the 25th of December 2014 the Member of Parliament converted $100,0000.00 of constituency development funds which were for the Gao/Bugotu Constituency for the benefit of himself and others by using those funds to pay for a private Christmas Party.

“The funding was entrusted to members of parliament purposely for the delivery to constituents to help them meet their ongoing socio-economic needs”.

The Police Commissioner added, the MP has been charged in accordance with Section 278 of the Solomon Islands Penal Code and has appeared in court today.

“The member of parliament has been charged with one count of conversion pursuant to section 278 of the Penal Code and I can update you that he has appeared before the Honiara Magistrates Court this afternoon.

“He has been subjected to bail conditions and will next appear at court on the 28th of December 2018”.

By: Rickson Bau 


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