Within the next 100 days, the Government for National Unity and Transformation (GNUT) will organize a National Economic Summit, whose mandate will be to produce a comprehensive economic roadmap.

The National Economic Summit will bring together stakeholders from different sectors to share ideas and come up with a comprehensive economic roadmap.

One of the important features of the economic roadmap will be its adaptability, it has the capability to respond to the changing economic trends, global developments and emerging challenges.

The roadmap will provide a clear government policy making direction, investment decisions, and resource allocations- all to guide the government to achieve its long term economic objectives.

During the launching of the 100 days program and policy statement, Prime Minister Honourable Jeremiah Manele MP, stated that “ultimately, the comprehensive economic roadmap…will serve as a guiding light for our nation, steering us towards a future of prosperity, resilience, and sustainable development”.

“It will inspire confidence among investors, attract international support, and foster a sense of unity and purpose among all stakeholders as we work together to realize our economic aspirations,” PM Manele added.

The proposed National Economic Summit will bring together representatives from the government, private industry, civil society, academia, development partners and international organizations all of whom will delve into constructive dialogue and collaborative problem- solving.

In his keynote address, the Prime Minister stated “this summit will serve as a vital platform for fostering open and inclusive discussions, enabling us to tap into the collective expertise and innovative ideas of our people and partners”.

“By facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration, we aim to co-create a comprehensive economic strategy that reflects the aspirations and priorities of all stakeholders,” PM Manele added.

Continuing to highlight the importance of the National Economic Summit, the Prime Minister stated that the Summit will provide a platform for showcasing our nation’s potential, attracting investment, and fostering partnerships with international stakeholders.

“By demonstrating our commitment to transparency, good governance, and responsible economic management, we can build trust and confidence among investors and development partners, paving the way for greater collaboration and support,” PM Manele pointed out.

The National Economic Summit is one of the eight targeted actions and measurable goals that the government aims to deliver within its first 100 days in office starting on the launching date of the 100 days program and policy statement.



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