HCC logo. Photo credit: HCC.

HCC logo. Photo credit: HCC.

The Honiara City Council will soon supply waste bins to the communities in an effort to ensure proper management of wastes under it’s seven meters by law ordinance.

In a radio talkback show over the weekend, the council says, it will impose its seven meters by law from the 1st of February.

Speaking at the show, Honiara City Council Senior Health Inspector George Titiulu said the council will soon provide communities with waste bins and expect them to be cared for.

He said a notice to supply litter receptacles will be issued to communities as soon as the seven meters by law is imposed early next months.

“The Council will also impose this in trying to work with the communities. If you don’t have a waste bin it will issue you a notice called ‘notice to supply litter receptacles’, so this means as soon as the program starts on 1st February, anyone who is without a waste bin will be served with the notice and Council officers will be coming around.”

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