Health received Fund for Medicine & Consumable Support from PRC

Health received Fund for Medicine & Consumable Support from PRC


The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) yesterday received urgent-needed Medicine and Consumable worth of SBD$500,000 from the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Speaking at the handover ceremony yesterday, Health Minister Dr Paul Popora Bosawai said it is with great joy as it again demonstrates the strong friendship the People’s Republic of China and Solomon Islands and the cordial relationship both countries established since 2019.

Dr Bosawai highlighted what brought the two countries yesterday is the need to maintain adequate supply of medicines in hospitals and clinics throughout our country which has been very challenging in recent years for due to many factors.

He further highlighted with a rapidly growing population, changing disease pattern, especially increasing burden of NCDs, and the introduction of new services and technologies required to address them, the demand placed on our limited budget to increase procurement of medicines and consumables also increases but not adequately met.

Health Minister Dr Popora Bosawai sharing his remarks at the handover event

“The budgets allocated for medicines and consumables over the years have not matched the actual health service needs. And as prices of goods and services increases, the fiscal space to increase quantities of medicines procured is very small and ensuring timely distribution of supplies throughout the country often difficult. The end result is frequent stock outs.

“There are of course other challenges, including what I have stated earlier, that my ministry is facing which we are now focusing our efforts to address. However, we are fortunate that in times this, we have our development partners who we can turn to for support.

“On that note I would like to thank the Peoples Republic of China through Your Excellency, Ambassador Weiming, for extending a helping hand to help rescue us so to speak from the current shortages of critical medicines to help us maintain an adequate level of supplies from now until the end of the year”, said Dr Bosawai.

He further added this assistance will go a long way and help thousand of patients who will need treatment and care from our hospitals and clinics.

Meanwhile, the People’s Republic of China Ambassador to Solomon Islands H.E Cai Weiming said PRC paid high attention to well-being of Solomon Islands people and challenges on medicine supplies faced by MHMS.

“We fully understand the urgency and importance of the situation, highly value the friendship between our two peoples, and are more than glad to offer help within our capability”, said H.E Cai.

PRC Ambassador H.E Cai Weiming sharing his remarks at the handover event

He announced the Chinese Government support of SBD$500,000 will go towards procuring the life-saving medicines and consumables. “I hope the funding will help alleviate the situation of shortages of medicine and enhance the welfare for Solomon Islands people”.

H.E Cai added building a community with shared future for mankind is the noble goal pursued by China is the new era. It transcends the outdated concepts of zero-sum games and represents a solution put forward by China for the cause of global peace and development.

“Medical cooperation is an important field in our Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and a vivid practice for China and Solomon Islands to jointly build a healthy community for mankind. I believe, with our joint efforts, the healthcare cooperation will sail towards a more fruitful future!”, H.E Cai said.


-MHMS Press Release 

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