New Zealand Government provides Live U equipment to SIBC


The New Zealand government through the Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Limited (PCBL) (Pasifica TV) handed over Live U equipment to the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) today.

The Live U equipment will allow SIBC to transmit reliable and high quality live video transmission, even in challenging network conditions.

Through the existing partnership between SIBC and PCBL, SIBC will be able to send its news bulletins and hopefully other programs directly to PCBL.

SIBC Chief Executive Officer Johnson Honimae (L) and New Zealand High Commissioner to SI His Excellency Jonathan Schwass (R) during the handing over

Speaking when handing over the equipment, New Zealand High Commissioner to Solomon Islands His Excellency Jonathan Schwass said he is pleased to hand over the equipment to SIBC.

“It is really pleasing that Pasifika has come through with this equipment. What I think is a pretty crucial time in terms of SIBC needs. It is a real honour for me as High Commissioner to be able to help support the work that Pasifica is doing and to take part in the handing over today,” Commissioner Schwass said.

He said the equipment will assist SIBC to deliver live coverage of the 2023 Pacific Games through Pasifica which will improve its content distributions to the wider region especially during disasters.

“ I think it will also strengthen the Solomon Islands and melanesian voice, generally, around the region and allow more local television contents to be shared,” he added.

SIBC’s Chief Executive Officer Johnson Honimae thanked the government and people of New Zealand Aotearoa for the equipment.

“ This Live U unit is an excellent example of the cooperation that PCBL is extending to the Pacific broadcasters and in this case SIBC.

Commissioner Schwass being briefed on how the Live U equipment works

He explained that the unit will enable SIBC TV to live broadcast any event where there is internet.

“ It will also enable SIBC TV to send programs to PCBL to be broadcasted on Pasifika TV which we watch locally on TTV. So, there will be a two way benefit because it will enable people in the Pacific region to watch programs about developments, culture, political development, social life and other areas in each other’s countries,” Mr Honimae further explained.

He pointed out that when the New Zealand government assists SIBC, it does not try to influence its editorial policy.


By Fredrick Kusu

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