NHA sealed an agreement with China Scooping team

The 2023 National Hosting Authority and a Scooping Team from the People’s Republic of China have exchanged minutes of the games’ National Stadium today.

After today’s signing, China’s Scooping Team will take home the minutes and will be presenting it to their government for further consideration before funding the stadium.

Speaking during the ceremony at the Prime Minister’s Office this morning, National Hosting Authority Chair Dr. Jimmy Rodgers says the minutes signed today was based on the agreement by the NHA and the Scooping team findings.

“What we signed today is the exchange of minutes, and agree that their team will present the agreement with their government to support us.
We are confident that this team is very persuasive and will rely on his excellency to play his part.”

Meanwhile, Head of the Task Force, Councillor Yao Ming says this event is an early harvest of the relation between Solomon Islands and PRC.

“Today’s signing marks an early harvest of our new relationship.”

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