Mr. Lilo has sent his government's greetings to Choiseul Province. Photo: Courtesy of smh

Mr. Lilo has sent his government’s greetings to Choiseul Province. Photo: Courtesy of smh

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has sent his government’s greetings to the Premier, Provincial Executive, Tribal and Community Leaders, Religious Leaders and the people of Choiseul Province on the occasion of the province’s 23rd Second Appointed Day celebration.

The Prime Minister urges the province to be reminded of the contributions, achievements and challenges encountered over the years- an effort to make Choiseul a better home for all its people.

Mr Lilo encourages the Choiseul provincial government and people to use the anniversary to search for new directions to help deal with existing and emerging challenges.

He says, Choiseul has contributed a lot towards nation building in terms of her fine natural and human resources.

Mr Lilo stressed, Choiseul provincial government is one of the highest achievers in the Provincial Government Performance ranking.

He assures, the National Government will continue to support the province advance the country into a prosperous and better place for its residents.

Mr Lilo adds, Celebrating 23 years as a province symbolizes growth, maturity and passion to move forward.

Choiseul Province celebrates its 23rd second appointed day tomorrow.

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