Isabel Province’s 40th Second Appointed Day celebration this year is special as the occasion was graced by the Prime Minister honorable Jeremiah Manele MP, the first son of the Province to hold the highest position of the land.

On arrival at Buala, the center of the Province, traditional warriors welcomed PM Manele and Madam Jocelyn Manele, a welcome song heralded by a Church of Melanesia’s group and thereafter warriors hoisted PM Manele on a decorated chair and carried him to the celebration venue.

It was mixture of excitement and emotional moment for Isabelians to witness one of their sons coming back to Buala as the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.

In his keynote address to mark the 40th Seconded Appointed Day, Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele called on people of Isabel Province and the country as a whole to be united.

“…the theme for this year’s second appointed day which isCelebrating Unity in Diversity, [and] Development for Prosperity in Isabel”…resonates well with the core ideology that underpin the name of the national government that I now lead, which is the ‘Government for National Unity and Transformation’”, PM Manele stated.

“The theme is both timely and relevant,” PM Manele highlighted.

“It is a call for every person in Isabel province to come together, work together to celebrate our oneness, our unity in our diversity. I call on all Solomon Islanders to acknowledge the fact that we can be united while being diverse. It calls for all of us, all Solomon Islanders, that despite our differences, yet we can be a united force as we celebrate our diversity,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

PM Manele underscored that the theme also calls for development for prosperity for people of Isabel Province.

“Development that empowers people and businesses in Isabel province. Development that is genuine and people-centered,” He added.

Prime Minister Manele inspecting a guard of honour mounted by the Buala Police

The Prime Minister called for genuine investors to invest in Isabel Province and dispel investors who wanted to exploit peoples’ resources.

“At this juncture let me acknowledge and pay tribute to very special role played by the Triad – the province, the church, and the Chiefs,” PM Manele said.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that Isabel province stands out among all the provinces in Solomon Islands that has codified the important relationship between the provincial government, the churches and the traditional chiefs. In this respect, Isabel province has already put in place the platform to achieve its theme for the 40th anniversary of its 2nd appointed day.

PM Manele further highlighted that these three institutions each transcend every person in Isabel province.

“Every person from Isabel province comes from your traditional roots. This is represented by the traditional chiefs. Every person in Isabel province come from religions or churches that believe in the Almighty God. This is represented by the churches,” the PM explained

“Every person in Isabel province is served by the government. This is represented by the Provincial government,” the Prime Minister added.

PM Manele called on members of the partnership to be united which will provide the platform for development.

The Prime Minister reiterated that this year’s theme is at the core of building a diverse, prosperous and harmonious society that we want. In context, unity is translated into our togetherness, regardless of our differences in cultures, religion or social status.

“In today’s celebration we are living it, seeing it, and feeling it, as unity in diversity is manifested with our collective presence at this celebration,” PM Manele underscored.

Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele was accompanied by Madam Jocelyn Manele and minister of Agriculture and Livestock honorable Franklyn Wasi, minister of Home Affairs honorable Isikeli Vave, minister for Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology honorable Trevor Manemahaga, Deputy Chairlady Caucus honorable Cathy Nori and honorable Ben Maenu.

Other senior government officials were also in attendance.


– OPMC Press Release 

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