Provincial Consultation on Environment Bill held for stakeholders in Buala, Isabel Province

Provincial Consultation on Environment Bill held for stakeholders in Buala, Isabel Province


A one day Government consultation on the Environment Bill 2023 got underway in Buala today.

The Bill was taken to all provincial stakeholders for consultation since last year with 6 provinces covered and three remaining provinces to be consulted before it is expected to be tabled in Parliament this year.

Today’s consultations presented the draft Environment Bill 2023 with the stakeholders  reviewing and providing vital comments and feedbacks to improve the current Bill.

A statement from Ms. Debra Kereseka, Deputy Director Environment of the Environment and Conservation Division says the outcomes from the consultations will form the basis of the bill to be finalized. She says the law is the foundation of environmental governance, as it safeguards our Environment through promotion of sustainable development.

 “We depend very much on our environment everyday and it is our livelihood. Therefore, we need to look after it. As such, it is important that we understand the laws that govern our environment. Our rights and responsibilities are stipulated under the law”

Ms Kereseka added that there are a lot of uncontrolled developments taking place around us that needs to be guided and controlled by a robust legislation

“Today, we witness a lot of developments around us that we cannot stop but we can control it through legislation. The environment act 1998 has gone through review since 2014 and has now become a draft Bill. We are now at the final stages of provincial consultations”

The consultation in Buala was represented by officers from various organizations and facilitated by officers from the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management & Meteorology through the support from UK Government under the OPCC Project.

The provincial consultation exercise will extend to the three remaining provinces by this year.


-MEHRD Press Release 

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