Riccy shares struggle as fisherman

Riccy shares struggle as fisherman


By Linton Kereone

Riccy Apa from Russell Islands, a proud owner of an outboard motorboat and a dedicated fisherman, has bravely shared his struggles while participating in small income-generating activities.

He spoke of the difficulties he faced in selling his catch in the bustling city of Honiara, compounded by the soaring costs of fuel. 

“Most times, myself and fellow boat owners often embarked on treacherous journeys to and from Honiara, carrying 35 gallons of fuel for their trip”. 

“Despite our hard work and determination, the road to profitability is fraught with obstacles,”Riccy said. 

Riccy explained that upon their return with a successful catch, they are forced to meticulously calculate and cover all expenses before they can hope to turn a meager profit. 

Too often, their efforts resulted in merely breaking even, with some trips ending in disappointment as they barely recoup their initial investment. 

Riccy recounted the heartbreaking ordeal of arriving at the market with their eskies brimming with fresh fish, only to be met with apathy from potential customers. 

Their once-valued goods are left unsold, and in a desperate bid to salvage any semblance of income, they are forced to slash (discount) prices, leading to further financial strain. 

This vicious cycle leaves them with little more than “square money,” just enough to meet their basic needs and sustain their modest livelihoods. 

Despite the ongoing struggles, Riccy continues to do what he loves, to fish and as a seaman. 


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