The Traffic Centre of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force says the increasing number of vehicles imported into the country is presenting serious difficulties for the Centre.

In an interview with SIBC News this week, Traffic Administration Officer Sergeant Brian Suri Malefo said the amount of imported vehicles is increasing and the Centre does not have the manpower to respond to traffic issues.

Sergeant Malefo also said while there were no fatal traffic accident during the festive season, the number vehicles itself is creating difficulties for the Traffic Centre.

“We see that our road is getting narrow with more vehicles coming into the country, an issue that we are looking into and the traffic centre also needs man power so as to have strength in coping up with our current road issues”.

Sergeant Suri, who took over traffic administration and operations last December, said the Traffic Centre needs more logistic support to boost their efforts to control traffic.

“Looking after the operations office for the month of December I’ve observed that traffic needs more logistic support, which is one very important area, especially in terms of traffic equipment that the centre needs in order to conduct operations safely on the roads. Equipment like at the moment we only have few traffic lights, torches and cones. More of these equipment will greatly help traffic operations to run smoothly”.

SIBC News understands Staff Sergeant Brian Suri Malefo handed over traffic administration and operations to Staff Sergeant George Mouli following this interview.

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