How the back of the new Voter's ID Card looks. Photo: SIBC.

How the back of the new Voter ID Card looks. Photo: SIBC.

Anti-corruption watchdog, Transparency Solomon Islands has warned voters against selling their Voter ID cards and accepting bribes from intending candidates of the upcoming elections.

CEO Daniel Fenua made the statement following reports that intending candidates have begun handing out cash in return for voters electoral cards.

The unconfirmed reports are also saying that the intending candidates are collecting the voters cards now and will deliver the cards to the respective voters with more cash on election day.

Other unconfirmed reports say certain intending candidates are promising to pay people’s ID cards between 1-thousand and 5-thousand dollars.

But Mr Fenua says voters must stop selling their ID cards or accept bribes from intending candidates.

He says people have the right to vote for a good leader to represent them in parliament and should not sell their vote too cheaply.

He says such actions will only ruin this country and negatively impact the lives of people.

SIBC News understands certain intending candidates and current MPs have also taken to handing out free food and free drinks to people waiting to register at the ‘out of constituency’ Voters Registration Centre at the Art Gallery in Honiara.

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