Wayne Maepio seeks legal clarification on vote rigging allegation

Wayne Maepio. Photo: Island Sun.

Former Premier of Western Province, Wayne Maepio is seeking legal clarification on vote rigging allegation in ward 23 in the Western Provincial election.

Speaking to SIBC News after his election defeat, Mr Maepio said he was investigating reports that voters from his ward were being pressured to vote for a candidate against their will.

He is seeking advice on this from the judiciary.

“I want to pursue on whether the law can protect innocent people from being intimidated or punished because of their rights to vote,” he said.

“Whether the electoral act or the provincial government act allows such actions of candidates delivering goods and items during the election period.”

Mr Maepio was unseated by fellow candidate Pitri Sute with a total of 583 votes, a majority of 32 votes.

By: Allen Waitara. 

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