NPF Team on retreat. Photo credit: NPF.

NPF Team on retreat. Photo credit: NPF.

Over 100 staff members of the National Provident Fund (NPF) took part in a retreat last weekend, to conduct its two-year scheduled SWOT analysis and update the Fund’s five-year rolling business plan 2014-2019.

A statement from NPF said during the retreat, Fund department managers briefed the staff on the progress made by departments in achieving targets set out in the Fund’s five-year business plan.

NPF General Manager Tony Makabo said it was an opportunity for NPF to bring all its staff together to reflect, get staff feedback and more importantly, look at the way forward.

Department heads also presented a strengths, weakness, opportunity and threat analysis for each department and issues raised were
discussed in an open floor session.

Mr Makabo said the retreat provides a friendly and open arena for frank discussions about the organisation, from the NPF staff.

The information from the retreat will feed into NPF’s five-year corporate plan, which will be updated and presented to the NPF Board
for endorsement.

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