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“The Once pristine River, Chovohio is now a Lifeless Waterbody”

Fredrick Kusu- November 4, 2022

Environmental disaster “Eat like a King, and sleep like a rat!” This is a common phrase in the Central Guadalcanal region, Solomon Islands.  Turarana Women ... Read More

Wale calls on police to dig deeper into Win Win’s boss case

Fredrick Kusu- October 18, 2022

Opposition Leader Hon Matthew Wale has called on police to thoroughly investigate the use of an alleged replica firearm by Win Win Company’s managing director ... Read More

GRML Gold Production begins

Fredrick Kusu- October 14, 2022

The Gold Ridge Mining Limited (GRML) announces the commencement of gold production after three years of extensive preparatory ground works and over SBD700 million in ... Read More

Kuma says Win Win’s Attempted Gold Smuggling and Tax Evasion has been settled

Fredrick Kusu- August 10, 2022

The issue of attempted gold smuggling and tax evasion by Win Win Investment Limited in 2019 has been settled administratively.  Minister of Finance and Treasury ... Read More

Energy Minister encourages development partners to support Renewable Energy Roadmap

admin- July 26, 2022

The Minister for Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification, Bradley Tovosia is encouraging development partners to support the country’s energy sector to fund studies in other ... Read More

Wale calls for moratorium in all mining licence

admin- October 8, 2021

Leader of Opposition Matthew Wale has called on the Government to place an indefinite moratorium on mining licences. Wale said moratorium should be placed on ... Read More

Acting Mines director confirms 1.7kg gold disguise: Opposition leader Wale urges Mines to cancel Win Win’s licence

admin- September 27, 2021

Acting Director of Mines in the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification (MMERE) Krista Tatapu further confirmed that the 1.7 kilogram gold which was ... Read More