Guadalcanal Provincial flag. Photo credit: crwflags.

Guadalcanal Provincial flag. Photo credit: crwflags.

The Guadalcanal Provincial Government will spend a huge portion of its budget on development projects.

Guadalcanal Provincial Speaker Abel Arabola said, the budget will focus mainly on development projects as it fails to qualify for the Provincial Capacity Development Fund, PCDF.

“They just changed other places so that the other heads will go towards our development project which was used to be funded by the PGSP funding. We have been disqualified for this funding in the coming year because of not meeting the seven minimum conditions set out for the funding by the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening.”

The Provincial Speaker adds, development projects will focus mainly on schools and clinics for Guadalcanal Province.

The Guadalcanal Provincial Government has passed it’s 31-million 2014-2015 budget last week.

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